Review Requests

Welcome to our Review Request page. We will try to explain shortly how we work. We review two categories of books:

1. Personal Books
These are the books we buy, read and review ourselves. This doesn’t mean you cannot request us to read a book. If you think: damn the DBC review staff should really read this or that book, just ask us by e-mailing to We will take a look at it and always reply within 48 hours to let you know what we think of the book. Keep in mind that we are all doing this for free on a voluntary basis and if you request us to read a book we have to buy ourselves, we might not be able to do it. Nevertheless, feel free to recommend a good book! We’re always looking for new books!


2. Review copies
Nanouk is reviewing for Young Adults Book Central too, so she gets to read a lot of e-ARCs that she receives from publishers directly. Our team is always looking for new review books, so if you’d like us to read your book and you can provide us with a book or a PDF or even an e-Pub, please let us know through We will take a good look at it and always reply within 48 hours to let you know what we think about the request. We will mostly ALWAYS accept requests, unless the book doesn’t agree with our website or if we are really short on time. But we are open to new books! We’d love to discover new books 🙂 (Note: we read and review both English and Dutch books).

For questions, just send us a quick e-mail to 

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