Rereading Insurgent

Since I’m from the Netherlands, I get to see the Insurgent movie pretty much as one of the first on the planet. That’s awesome. But, Insurgent… is complicated. I decided to reread Insurgent, and it’s pretty much nothing like I remember. I’m like: HUH did that happen? Did she really do this? Wow. Wait! I’m so glad I started re-reading the book since it’s been months, if not years, when I last read it. It was months before Allegiant came out… It’s been a while. In about 32 hours I get to see the movie. And I have to finish the book long before then, because I will watch Divergent with my room mate prior to the movie.

I’m pretty interested in what you guys think about the movie, what you expect and whether you have reread the book or not… Let me know 🙂





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