Release date "The Death Cure"

While we are still trying to get our shit (mind the language) together after seeing The Maze Runner, the release date of The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3) is set for Feb. 17th 2017. Wait, what… 2017? That’s waaaay to long if you ask me. I’d like to see The Scorch Trials tomorrow and The Death Cure the day after tomorrow thank you very much. But now, that’s not going to happen.


But… there’s more! The Death Cure will not, I repeat, will not be split in two! Such a refreshment. Sceenwriter T.S. Nowlin, who did the first two movies, will be part off the team too. I think he’s good.

So while we’re waiting on the trailer of The Scorch Trials, let’s enjoy the thought of Dylan O’Brien… shirtless… The Scorch Trials hits the cinemas September 19th this year.

p.s. Word on the street (meaning: Twitter) is that the trailer of The Scorch Trials might be released April 24th or May 1st!




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