Quick update

Hi! What’s up? It’s been quiet on my website for a while. Cause: no internet. I have no wifi or normal internet connection where I live, and it will take at least two more weeks until it is completely fixed. Until then: please be patient! Cool stuff is coming 🙂

1. Literary lunch – I’m living close to my University and I decided to do a Literary Lunch with some of my classmates once a week. I will invite some people to talk about the books they are currently reading or books they think are extra ordinary or very popular at the moment. This is a new thing so hopefully you guys will enjoy it! Coming soon….

2. Meeting Floortje Zwigtman (Dutch YA author), yes, I have met her. Even though she’s Dutch, I will cover the day in English here on my website. I met her on Sunday October 19th in my own country. It was so much fun!

3. Meeting Kiera Cass, THE Kiera Cass, author of The Selection series. I will meet het on November 2nd in Amsterdam and I’ve been counting down until that moment for a while now! It’s a similar event as when I met Lauren Kate – it’ll be amazing. I will cover the whole event and ask her some question, hopefully get some pictures and autographs!

4. More more more reviews! Coming up are: Broken Soup, Four and The Spectacular Now!

5. More news about the Fallen movie by Lauren Kate.

6. A special of The Maze Runner! I’ll do a book review and a movie review and maybe do something new and exciting… coming soon 🙂

7. Mockingjay Part 1: what to expect and what not to expect. A story about everything we already know and about what we really want to know! (ONE MORE MONTH, GOTTA BE PATIENT).

8. Lauren Kate’s second book in the Teardrop series will be released and I – ofcourse – will review this book. It’s called Waterfall and I’ll be stalking you guys about this book.

9. Have you heard of Ilsa J. Bick? Yes? No? Whatever you’ve answered, I have a surprise for you! More to come in November!

10. More fun facts about random authors! Send in request of authors at info@dutchbookchick.com


I love you!


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  1. Hi! I’m the girl you met at The Best Of YA-event! We talked about Salla Simukka her books! It was really nice meeting you, I’ll keep an eye on your blog! (:

    • Hi! Yes it was! 🙂 Sorry for the late reply, my website still has some technical difficulties! It was a great event, Kiera is amaaaazing 🙂 Same x

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