Premiere The King's Gardens (first impression)

Last night, Michelle and I, Nanouk, went to see The Kings’s Gardens in Pathe in The Hague. The premiere included a  fancy red carpet and Alan Rickman, yes he was real, and sexy, and old, himself. Not only was the event amazing, he himself was amazing and the movie was incredibly good.

I will not spill anything right now. Michelle and I will write a BIG post about the event of yesterday coming weekend. First we will try to survive college today and tomorrow; we have to relax after such an impressive movie.

For now, you’ll have to do with these pictures from my iPhone 5s (not so fancy), but we’ll try to collect some picture for the big post. There were a lot of photographers at the scene so I don’t think it’ll be too hard to find some good photos of yesterday.

We’ll keep you posted!

IMG_0124 (1) IMG_0133 IMG_0125


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    • I KNOW! She was amaaaaazing! I just love every movie she’s in! (ps: water/wet scene made me think of the Titanic haha)

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