Premiere dates in January of our favourite series!

Hello everyone!

Christmas break is over and to help you relax when school isn’t boring you with information you don’t need, I’ve put the dates and times below of some of our favourite series which will premiere/return this month:

  • New Girl – Tuesday, Jan. 5

Season 5, airs at FOX

  • Teen Wolf – Tuesday, Jan. 5

Second half of the 5th season, airs at MTV

  • 2 Broke Girls – Wednesday, Jan. 6

Second half of the 5th season, airs at CBS

  • The Big Bang Theory – Thursday, Jan. 7

Second half of the 9th season, airs at CBS

  • Pretty Little Liars – Tuesday, Jan. 12

Second half of the 6th season, airs at Freeform

  • Shadowhunters (NEW) – Tuesday, Jan. 12

First season, based on the books by Cassandra Clare, airs at Freeform

  • Marvel’s Agent Carter – Tuesday, Jan. 19

Season 2, airs at ABC

  • The Flash – ¬†Tuesday, Jan. 19

Second half of the second season, airs at the CW

  • Arrow – Wednesday, Jan. 20

Second half of the 4th season, airs at the CW

  • Supernatural – Wednesday, Jan. 20

Second half of the 11th season, airs at the CW

  • The 100 – Thursday, Jan 21.

Season 3, finally, airs at the CW!

  • Legends of Tomorrow (NEW) – Thursday, Jan. 21

First season, with characters of the Flash and Arrow together

  • The Vampire Diaries – Friday, Jan. 29

Second half of the 7th season, airs at the CW


You don’t see your favourite show? Don’t worry! Some will start begin February or March, I will keep you updated.

Enjoy watching!



3 reacties

  1. Eindelijk weer teen wolf, pll, tvd en the originals! Ik ga denk ik ook the shadowhunters kijken, ben toch wel nieuwsgierig, ook al vond ik de trailer niet echt leuk.


  2. I can’t believe you didn’t include The 100 season premiere! (that was in January too, right?) I’m also really looking forward to Shadowhunters and The Flash <3

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