Official Insurgent Trailer

I hadn’t had time to update you about the Insurgent trailer yesterday, since I was celebrating my 20th birthday. But yesterday, Friday 12th, the official Insurgent movietrailer – Divergent’s sequel – got released. After a somewhat misleading Teaser Trailer I was very curious and kinda scared for the Official Trailer. I have some side notes, but first, Imma let you watch the trailer:

What do you think?

First of all, I think Tris doesn’t look like Tris but still, I love her. Shailene is a great actress and I think I just have to get used to her with short her. I have to stop thinking: look there’s Hazel Graze. Oops. Does anybody else have that problem too?

Second, what’s up with that box? My sister and I were just discussing that point, thinking about how ridiculous it actually is that the box isn’t featured in the books. What is the use of the box? My sister thinks it contains information about the outside world, that’s revealed at the end of the Insurgent book. I thought that maybe it is just a way of figuring out things about what kind of ‘divergent’ somebody is – so the outside world too.

And third, again, that burning floating house with Tris’ dead mother. Probably a simulation. It’s too science fiction I think.

Overall, the trailer was very very very good. And exciting. But as a trailer for a book that’s turned into a movie… I’m not sure. Maybe I have to read Insurgent again to make sure I didn’t miss anything or have forgotten something, but right now, I don’t know how to feel about the trailer.




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