My current favorite streaming movies

With cinemas still closed (at least here in the Netherlands), there was a time when watching a new movie was pretty hard. Luckily, the streaming services have upped their game, and so many good movies have been released to the online world since.

Greenland – Prime Video

If you’re into movies about the end of the earth, this movie is IT for you. I screamed, cried and was anxious throughout the whole movies. I was impressed. I’m also a fan of Gerald Butler, so that might have helped this movie a bit.

Promising Young Woman – Netflix

This movie tells the story of a girl who’s been to a trauma and tries to right a couple of wrongs in the world. It’s feminism to it’s core, taking back the power from man. YASSSS QUEEN!

Stowaway – Netflix

If you like space travel, Elon Musk and Anna Kendrick – this movie is for you. It’s about a spaceship with three astronauts on its way to Mars. Except: there’s a forth man. And a whole lot of trouble.

The Marksman – Prime Video

On the border of Mexico, rancher Joe finds a mother and her kid climbing through the fence on the run from a drugs kartel. His mother is shot, and Jim is left with the kid and needs to get him to Chicago before they kill them. Good movie!

There are so many more great movies to watch via streaming services. I’m so happy that they can – in some way – replace cinemas. But let me tell you this: as soon as the cinemas open up again, you will find me eating away the biggest bucket of popcorn in front of a big screen.

More movies.

Nanouk Meijer

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