Meeting Kiera Cass in November

Hello my dears,

Oh my God, it’s a coincidence my last review was about a book by Kiera Cass! But I actually got tickets to see her in Amsterdam in November this year! I am so excited and I can’t wait to ask her all of my questions, to hear her talk about her characters and her created world, to get my books signed and to meet all the other fans!

Seriously, I can’t believe this is real. But it is.

I met Lauren Kate too last year, at a similar event. It was awesome. Click here for my coverage of the night I met Lauren Kate.

I’ll blog about Kiera Cass too, of course! Soon I’ll make a Twitter contest for all the fans. You, as a ready, can send in questions for Kiera Cass. I will pick 3 of them, and will ask them – if possible – to Kiera.




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