Marvel Cinematic Universe Vs. Comics!

Marvel likes to please the fans and sometimes stays as close as possible to the original comics when it comes to movies and TV shows. This can’t happen with all elements as it is nearly impossible to copy the comics as they are, considering there are so many different storylines. I will be listing a couple of general similarities and differences when it comes to Daredevil from the beloved TV Show and Daredevil from the comicverse for this Marvel Month post.



Matt Murdock – In the TV Show, Matt Murdock is portrayed by British actor Charlie Cox. This Matt has brown hair, while Matt from the comics has been described to have bright red hair. We will forgive Charlie for his hair colour, considering he’s such a good actor.IMG-20150614-WA0029
About Daredevil; although his ‘vision’ has never been described as “a world on fire” in the comics, the other powers are pretty much the same, hearing heartbeats, being able to read print by touch, having a built-in-radar and an extended range of hearing.attachment
His taste and smell are so enhanced that he can taste copper in the air when there’s blood. His sense of smell can be compared to that of Wolverine.
There are still some things about his “radar-sense” that are unclear. Some believe it to be a sense on itself while some writers and artists claim it is a sub-sense, resulting from his other senses such as hearing and touch, feeling the currents in the air.
I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job when it comes to portraying his abilities in the show, compared to the comics.

Franklin “Foggy” Nelson­ – So, Foggy Nelson has been described quite differently when it comes to the comics. He has been called handsome and neatly groomed but also relaxed and pudgy. The version of him in the TV Show has more in common with the second version although he hasn’t been all too relaxed lately.
His role has been described in various manners as well. Throughout the years, Matt and Foggy have kind of been trading places when it comes to personality. Matt, at first, was the one to be described as the happy one of the two with Foggy being more serious. This has changed over the years, making Foggy the comic-relief to his darker, serious colleague. Once again, the show decided to go with the second version.attachment (2)
In the show, Foggy already had his nickname. In the comics, this had been given to him after Matt and Foggy shared a room at Columbia. Matt often described him as a “foghorn”, due to his loud snoring.

Karen Page – Unlike her brutal introduction in the Netflix series, Karen Page from the comics came looking for work in New York and found it at Nelson & Murdock without having to be accused of stabbing her co-worker. Page has been Matt’s longest running love interest even though we can’t say that about Deborah Ann Woll’s character in the show, but we are of course only two seasons in.
Unlike the Karen from the show, who is determined to investigate and get to the bottom of things and takes on the job at the New York Bulletin, Karen from the comics actually goes to L.A. to pursue an acting career. This goes without success. Karen ends up as a porn star and gets hooked on heroin. Aren’t we all glad that this is not what’s happening in the show?attachment (3)

Altogether, I think they did pretty well on keeping the show as close to the comics as possible. The differences between comics and show are not all too major. When it comes to the things that did change, I think we can all agree to let them slide and be happy with what they’ve given us.
If you want to read the comics, I’d recommend reading “Daredevil: The Man without Fear” written by Frank Miller. Charlie Cox himself has read these as well and taken elements of it into his acting!


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