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As you might know, I’m a big fan of Kiera Cass. I actually met her last year (ha! November 2014) and she’s one of the kindest persons EVER. Like, EVER. Honestly. And her books are amazing. In “The Selection Series” – for those who aren’t familiar with the books – America gets to choose between a prince and a guard. In the three books counting series, you will join America on her journey of becoming somebody she wants to become.

But here’s the thing: Kiera released some novella’s. The first two were “The Prince” and “The Guard” which are released as ebooks and combined as a paperback. She promised to write more novella’s and the first one was to be released in March. But the problem is: Kiera cancelled all the pre-orders. I didn’t pre-order one, since I was confused about the bindings. I was about to wait for another combined paperback. I mean, The Queen and The Favorite were supposed to be released both.

I’m still confused, right now. Kiera announced (just minutes ago) that she’d release a HARDCOVER of all the novella’s and extra stories combined, this October. Meaning we still have to wait. But… huh? Yeah. Me too.

Explaination: The Favorite AND The Queen would both be released as a combined paperback (see, I missed this). But right now, that’s not happening anymore. Confused? Disappointed? Yes, I am. At her website, Kiera explains there’s so much to discover in the world of The Selection, that she decided to just keep writing stories and release them all together in October. So, October will be fabulous. There will be a big awesome HARDCOVER that contains lots of stuff [copied from her website]:

  • The extended version of The Prince
  • The Guard
  • The Queen
  • The Favorite
  • Three scenes with Celeste (that I still need to name… hmm.)
  • TheĀ second epilogue to The One
  • Some other stuff
  • Oh, and did I mention that this will be illustrated?

Wow, yeah, amazing! There were A LOT of questions and discussions about this thing, so I’d advice you to visit her website HERE to read more about the when’s and why’s.

Oh, and by the way, The Heir will still be released on May 5th! It’s still a long wait, but it’s something… right? Yes. Perfect.

So, downside is a very very long wait. The upside isĀ all the bonus stuff you’ll get!

Go Kiera, I’m so proud of you!


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