June Book Releases

Hello to you all! As June has arrived, we are leaving behind Marvel May Month and moving on to a month that promises the sun, the beginning of the summer and a lot of cool book releases! And by cool I actually mean hot, because I’m still hoping the temperatures will rise so we will all be able to read a book outside in shorts instead of inside wrapped in a blanked (which is only appropriate in winter, honestly). 

What will June bring us? As usual, I made a list with, in my opinion, the most exciting book releases of the month! Here we go. Add books in the comments if you’d like!

The Long Run1. The Long Game (The Fixer #2) – Jennifer Lynne Barnes
Release Date: June 7th
Publishers: Bloomsbury USA Children
I choose this book because I’ve read A LOT of good reviews of the first book, Fixer, so I’m only assuming that its sequel must be pretty exciting as well. The blurb says something about a conspiracy in Washington, which to me sounds like the perfect thriller that will keep you awake at night – isn’t that something we’re all secretly looking for? The blurb also promises to leave you breathless. So where we are at now? Oh, yes, sleepless and breathless. Check it out. Read more…


the marked girl2. The Marked Girl (Marked Girl #1) – Lindsey Klingele
Release Date: June 7th
Publishers: Harper Collins
I have never heard of this author and/or book before, but Goodreads has it at the top of their June Releases list, so I clicked on it and read the blurb. Honestly, I still don’t know whether I’m going to like the book or not. It’s very vague. Like: urban fantasy or contemporary? Anyways, it all happens in LA which is fine by me. Who doesn’t want to read about THE place, where the cool stuff happens and the sun is always shining? It kind of reminds me of Unrivaled by Alyson Noel. Anyways, it’s gotten my attention! Yours too? Read more…


we were never here3. We Were Never Here – Jennifer Gilmore
Release Date: June 14th
Publishers: HarperTeen
Okay, so yes, this might sound cliché, and it might be just that, but the blurb broke my heart and I knew I had to read this book. It is about a girl collapsing one day, finding out she has some weird illness. And then, one day, a volunteer boy and his dog walk into her hospital room. Of course I’m already shipping them plus… HE HAS A DOG! Dogs are winners so people who own dogs are winners as well. Anyway, they fall in love and she, Lizzie, finds out that he, Verlaine, has some painful secrets of his own. Damn it. If the writing is good, I’ll give it a shot.  Read more…


how it feels to fly4. How It Feels to Fly – Kathryn Holmes
Release Date: June 14th
Publishers: HarperTeen
I fell in LOVE with the cover! Without a doubt on of my favorite book covers EVER! And when I started reading the (pretty elaborate) blurb I decided that I had to have this book. It is about a girl, who’s a ballet dancer, but who’s also experiencing body issues. I think there should be more YA novels that discuss these themes (mental health issues concerning body images etc). The thing is: she’s a ballerina and people always think of them as ‘perfect’ so the fact that this book is about a ballerina who is also struggling with body images, is very realistic!  Read more…


united as one5. United As One (The Lorien Legacies #7) – Pittacus Lore
Release Date: June 28th
Publishers: Harper Collins
Pfff, 7th book already! Damn, that’s a lot! That’s Harry Potter-ish a lot. I haven’t been following this series, but I included this book because it concludes the series and it is said to be super exciting and mind blowing. I am considering buying a box set IF that will be available in the future. I’ve read the first book in the series and was pretty enthusiastic but the whole series with all of the different books was just too confusing to me. So yes, I am recommending you to read this series (from my experience with the first book) and I’m waiting for a box set. Read more…



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