I have a confession

Dear book loving people of the world,

I have a confession to make. This is really hard to say, but they do say that admitting the problem is the first step of recovery. So here it goes….

I’m a coverslut.

There I’ve said it. Time to face the music. For all of you that don’t know what I mean with this. A coverslut is someone that buys books for the sole reason that it has a pretty/interesting cover. But be honest for a second. Don’t we all do this? Imagine that you are in a book store. Your eye immediately goes to the bright striking covers. I mean there is a whole marketing world that is designed to sell books so it is logical that publishers want covers to stand out.

So if it is so completely normal why make a post about it? To be honest it has gotten out of control. In the last few weeks I have bought 24 books. This in itself may be problematic seeing I’m now totally broke. But out of the 24 books I’ve bought half of them I bought solely for their cover.

And today I’ve taken it to an extreme level…..

I went to a book outlet at my university, so it’s not like I spent an enormous amount of money on it. It is just that I have absolutely no idea what the book is about. Not a single clue. There is nothing on the back of the book. I did leaf through it briefly and the one sentence that stood out was “And I called her princess” that can’t be really bad now can it? The book is called ‘Blame me on History’ and is written by some guy called Bloke Modisane. Also the name Bloke just adds to the overall awesomeness. It gets even better because this book is dedicated to his mother which he calls MA-Bloke which just sounds brilliant.

It’s not like I didn’t try to Google for a summary, after I already bought it to be honest, but I couldn’t find a one. I had numerous ads for selling the book but the only thing in the description was a literal description of the book. As in: ‘it is ..cm long etc.” no joke.

The book is bright orange and has dolphins on the cover, so obviously I had to buy it. No genuinely it is a really awesome cover and it was only 2 euros so why not? But still this is not a onetime thing. I have literally about 10 books that I’m not even sure I’m going to enjoy. They do have really cool covers though?


Blame me on History, Bloke Modisane

So please tell me that I’m not alone in this.  so that together we can take the first step on the road of recovery.



Esther is reviewer at the website, specialized in series. She's also Nanouk's roommate and thus studies History at Utrecht University. Esther at least watches 3 episodes of any given series per day and is obsessed with GoT and Teen Wolf.

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  1. You are not alone! I totally do this too. Usually not with new books, but when I go to a second hand story I really have the tendency to buy books that I don’t even know if I will like them or what they’re about. When books are so cheap I just reassure myself that it’s okay by thinking ‘Well it’s only a euro’, because of which I usually leave the store with a whole stack of books.

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