How does finishing a trilogy feel? Ilsa J. Bick answers!

Ilsa J. Bick is the author of the for me familiar “Ashes” trilogy. I’ve bought Ashes totally random at a bookshop near my home and didn’t have any clue whether I would like it or not. Honestly, I was totally surprised when I found myself obsessed with the book. The story was heartbreaking, thrilling, exciting and funny at the same time 🙂 I first read Ashes and ordered Shadows (second book) online, a few days later. Finished it in less than a week. And then the waiting for the third book began and I found other books to read.

So, last September the last book in the series was released and I still haven’t read it. There is only one reason why I haven’t read it yet and you’re all gonna think I’m being silly but…. There’s only a hardcover copy released and my other two books are paperback. And the paperback will be released next year. It sucks, but I’m stupid like that. I want all of my books to look pretty on my bookshelf.

Back to the story; I wrote Ilsa a question in a Q&A on Goodreads and asked her how it felt to finish her trilogy.

MeI haven’t read Monsters yet (I’m DYING to read it but school makes it impossible), but I’m really curious about how authors come to the ending of a book. I talked to Lauren Kate (Fallen series) a few days ago and she told me that she’d rewritten the ending of the series about a million times and it killed her. How was that for you? Was it hard to end the trilogy?

I was feeling all dumb for not knowing how the story ended, but I was really curious about the effect (of ending a series) on the author. So this was her answer:

Ilsa: I didn’t rewrite the end a million times or anything; I kind of had an idea of how this was supposed to go. But ending was very difficult, and I wrote a whole blog about it here: 

So, I blushed for not having read that, clicked the link and… well… what are you waiting for? Go read that! It’s much more interesting than what I’m saying right now. Even if you haven’t read a single book of her (which is weird cuz her books are amazing!), her story is interesting!

Go, buy her books! Love her AND her books! I know you can 🙂

Have a nice day,
I’m going to read Catching Fire (click here to see on what page I am)

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