Good news, Iron Fey fans!

I have some very good news for all the Iron Fey fans (including me)! Julie Kagawa announced at her Twitter that she has some good news for all of those who’ve been waiting on the third book of Call of the Forgotten; an excerpt will be included in Rogue, the sequel to Talon. (Talon is a new series written by Julie Kagawa. One of her first series was called the Iron Fey and the spin off was called Call of the Forgotten. So Talon doesn’t have anything to do with the Iron Fey or Call of the Forgotten).

Whoa, but, that’s great! Rogue is set to be published on April 25th this year! ! I’m still reading the second part of Call of the Forgotten, but I am already looking forward to the last book. I’m also NOT looking forward to it, since it is the LAST book. I just can’t believe it’s all gonna be over by then. No more Meghan, no more Ash (I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM, SO BAD), no more sarcastic Grimalkin and no more moody Ethan. I seriously cannot imagine that.

Have you read a book by Julie Kagawa? Let me know what you think of it 🙂 I’d love to hear your opinion!


Here are some print screens from the convo Julie Kawaga and I had today!



Note: Call of the Forgotten is the spin off series of the original Iron Fey Series. If you’d like a review of the first book to the Iron Fey Series – The Iron King – click HERE. If you’d like a review of the first book to the Call of the Forgotten – The Lost Prince – click HERE.


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