Fairytales and winterwonderland

Here is the promised second and third part of the interview, like I said, this will be a little bit shorter since I was way too enthusiastic in the first part.

Fairy Tales
“Salla, what’s up with you and Fairy tales?” was a question that John and I had been talking about to each other, and now were finally able to ask Salla. She answered she just liked them very much. Her trilogy seems to be based on Snow White, when hearing the title, but except from the similar names, Lumikki and Snow White do not have very much in common. Like: Snow White gets kissed by a prince and lives happily ever after, where as Lumikki has to make a couple of difficult decisions when it comes to guys.

Another obsession, she confessed later in the interview, is the one with owls. After the interview, she gave me a present that included and own-light thingy that works on batteries and is now standing on my night stand. She also got me a card – yes – with an owl on it, thanking me for the interview. She also included dropjes, the famous Dutch candy.

Was that it for obsessions? I think I’ve covered it all.

For Salla it is still pretty amazing and sometimes hard to believe that her works are translated to over 40 languages already, and we’re still counting. She had already visited so many amazing countries and she had met so many awesome fans. She couldn’t really believe that it was all real. But good for her, she had both feet standing firmly on the ground. I’m sure she’ll survive this crazy famous craving world.

Oh, and yeah, fun fact for me, Salla did the exact same study that I am doing right now: Comparative Literature. I know¬†she studied a couple of other things besides that, but I mentioned it to her. It’s a great study, I think. And from what I’ve seen, it offers great opportunities for the future.

And Salla’s future? Well, she just keeps doing what she’s doing: writing. And that’s all she knows. And that’s all we want to hear, as her fans.

Will she be back here, in the Netherlands? YES. Of course she will. We already decided to visit the Efteling once she’s back (it’s like a land of fairy tales, perfect right?).

After the event Salla signed my books (pictures coming soon) and we hugged and it was sweet and amazing and already pretty late in the evening (we got great chocolates from Corazon, the location and coffee server, so no hunger), but I felt so good!

Thank you
We have talked about so many things and I’m sure I’m forgetting half of it, but it was amazing meeting her and she’s a great person. She writes amazing books plus she can talk about it in a way that I cannot describe. She just likes to talk about it, even though I do imagine it must be a bit boring to always answer the exact same questions. But not to Salla, she was wonderful and I loved it. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Clavis Books, John from Speelboek, Corazon for the location and the great coffee and above all Salla for being such a fabulous author and person!

To finish this post, I will add some more pictures of the meeting:

(coming soon-ish, their too big for WordPress so I have to re-size them)



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