Column #2: The LGBTQ community and Orlando

Hey everyone,

Today I’m writing about completely being yourself and being able to be proud of it. But I’m feeling a little paradoxical about it. Because this kind of thing is supposed to be accepted by everyone, just like vital functions we have like going to the bathroom or eating, but still people are fighting over it. Just like me, people all around the world are asking to accept the members of the LGBTQ community, also as a result of the horrible shooting in Orlando. But why do we need dozens of victims to realize that  something is wrong?

There are people out there who think being gay (or anything different from straight) is a disease, but there are also people who deny  that global warming is real and are thinking that Donald Trump would be a good American president. WRONG! We need to stop defining ourselves by listening to others who don’t know anything about us. Just because some people are different doesn’t mean they deserve a different treatment. And it’s so sad that some of those people, who are open about their sexuality, are getting punished for being themselves.

The victims of the Orlando shooting make us realize that something must be done about the availability of guns in the United States, as well as the acceptance of the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, the Senate in the USA,  pressured to make a decision about gun control legislation, didn’t pass a (good, safe) law about gun control.  It seems like guns are more important than massacres of innocent people.

Luckily, there are great books out there dealing with being open about your sexuality, whatever that might be, to help (young) people understand that we should accept everybody’s sexuality. As book lovers, we are very happy that YA books are discussing sexuality and introduce young people (I mean: we’re the future) to subjects that are so important to understand and to enable a save and supportive society. These are some of our favorites (click on the picture to go to their Goodreads pages):




Below, you also find some video’s that react to the Orlando shooting. Please, if you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, queer, questioning, asexual or anything different that society makes us believe is ‘normal’, don’t be scared. We support you! Live your life as yourself, not as someone society thinks you’re supposed to be.

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