Christmas movies 2019

Yes my lovelies – it’s holiday season again! And that means: weather to stay inside and watch tons of movies and eating your favorite comfort food since you don’t need a bikini body anytime soon. Not sure what movies to… Lees verder

All about the Romanovs – books, movies and more

I’ve been obsessed with the Romanovs, more specifically Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, ever since watching the animated movie Anastasia. This movie tells the story of an orphan girl with amnesia looking for her family, and a grandmother looking for… Lees verder

Disney live-action-films

Het kan je bijna niet ontgaan zijn: Disney is haar oude tekenfilms aan het rebooten als live-action-films. Dat houdt in dat we de aankomende periode steeds meer kunnen gaan genieten van onze favoriete Disneyfilms. De meningen over de live-action-films zijn… Lees verder

Review: The Silence (movie)

Release date: April 10th 2019 (Netflix) Language: English Director: John R. Leonetti Based on: The Silence by Tim Lebbon Stars: Stanley Tucci, Miranda Otto and Kiernan Shipka IMDB rating: 5,3 Rating: Netflix has been doing some great stuff with their Netflix original… Lees verder