BOY 7 theater premiere tickets

As a Dutchie, you MUST know this book (yikes, shame on me, I haven’t read it yet though I know all about it). BOY 7 is written by Mirjam Mous. It’s a Dutch YA novel that’s going to hit the cinemas this February. BUT, not only has it been turned into a movie, it’s also been turned into a theatrical performance!

I was lucky enough to win TWO tickets to see the theater premiere this Sunday in Amersfoort, the city where I had been living for about 8 years before moving out and living on my own (which is going pretty well I must say). My sister, Roos, co-author, is joining me. Because this is such an awesome event, I might dedicate a DUTCH post about it, Sunday evening.

We’ll post some pictures too!

Are there any Dutchies joining me this Sunday?



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