YES! "Boy 7" hits the cinemas today!

A couple of days/weeks ago, I put a post only about the Dutch movie called “Boy 7“. The movie hits the cinemas today (Feb. 19th) and you HAVE to go see it! I was lucky enough to get a chance to see it in January at the press premiere, so I can tell you, honestly, the movie rocks! And… it’s Thurday today, the perfect day to have dinner with your friends and see the movie.


The movie Boy 7 is based on the best selling book Boy 7 by Mirjam Mous. It’s about Sam, a boy that waked up having no memory at all. With the clues he got, he has to find out who he is and how he got there – a mind twisting game. You will find yourself wondering in excitement what happened to him and question yourself whether he will ever be safe again. Boy 7 is an exciting, mind blowing and funny movie that you just HAVE to see.

If you wonder about what I thought of the movie, you can just click HERE.

Have you see the movie? Please comment down below what you thought of it 🙂



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