Hello lovely readers,

A couple of days ago I told you about the #BooksArentDangerous campaing, and that the DBC team would join it. And today, the last day of the campaign, we will! Here are our pictures and desciption as to why the books is important to us. During the day I will post the pictures on Instagram to make them count!


“I picked Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, because when I read the book, I finally understood how one action can have so much affect. It might seem small, but in reality, it can change things. It can change things for better or worse, but it can change. It taught me to think about my actions and realize that they have an opposite and equal reaction (physics ha!). Even though this book really got me upset (I cried), I think this book truly changed my life and the way I think about what I want to do with my life!”


Pride and Prejudice; favorite love story because it didn’t start of as the perfect, cliché love story. And just because I adore Jane Austen.”





“This is the book I picked, and it’s really special to me because this book is the cause that I fell in love with English crime novels. The Cuckoo’s Calling really speaks to me. You should read it!”




“Demi Lovato – Staying Strong because I’ve been a huge fan for years. She’s the idol I will never stop loving and this book is gorgeous in every way.”





“Not my favourite, but my first english ya book: Breaking Dawn (Twilight). You can say it opened up a whole new world for me.”



What do you think about or book selection? What book would you pick for the #BooksArentDangerous campaign? Let us know in the comments down below or post a link with your picture and we will check it out!




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