#BooksArentDangerous announcement

Hello readers! Thanks for visiting our website 🙂

As you might have noticed, the internet is spammed with pictures of readers with their favorite book, adding an explaination as to why books aren’t dangerous. And our team is going to join this campaign too, which is designed by M. Stohl, author of Beautiful Creatures.


The right book at the right time can be life changing. Help put books in the hands of young readers in need. From May 12 – 26, post a picture of yourself with a book that saved or changed your life—or even just one you’d recommend—with the hashtag: #booksarentdangerous

For every picture posted, up to 5,000, The NOVL will donate a book to First Book, to help underfunded schools and libraries.

So… we will post our pictures May 26th, the closing day of the campaign. I think this campaign is great a we should all join!

Would you like to join? Please send in an email with you picture and we might include it to our website! Need some examples? I’ve already joined the campaign with my YA Books Central team: http://www.yabookscentral.com/blog/books-aren-t-dangerous-campaign




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