Book irritations: everything we hate/love

Of course, we love books, we adore books, and if it were possible, we would all want to make a living out of reading. But unfortunately, there are some things that we hate about books; or reading in general. (But, then again, we wouldn’t want it any other way).

1. Books costs money
I mean, come on, why are books so damn expensive? Shouldn’t the government just hand out books for free AND pay the author? We get smarter, authors get money, in the end, even the government profits from our smart and developed brains. I say: books should be free!

2. People don’t respect books
Recognize this? You are walking through the bookshop and you pick up a book that just looks amazing, but when you take a closer look, the book is pretty much damaged on three pages, there are multiple reading marks and the spine is broken.

3. Breaking the spine
I don’t think I have to explain this. (Feel the pain when you HAVE to break the spine in order to read a book properly?)

4. Paperback or hardcover?
This question should be: moderately expensive of extremely expensive.

5. Not enough space
At one point in your life you will have to decide to move to a bigger house to be able to store all of your books.

6. People who prefer ebooks
Reading is fun, no matter what materials you use to do it. But come on! Who’d prefer an ereader over a real paper book you can physically hold? I have an ereader and I read paper books. I use my ereader for my e-ARCS (and sometimes books for uni so I don’t have to carry too many books around) but about 90% of my books I still read from real books. I do have to admit that the fact that ebooks are practically weightless is amazing. And super handy.

7. You cannot stop reading

8. You can’t sleep
Do I EVEN have to elaborate?

9. People think you’re boring
Remember that Miley Cyrus read The Hunger Games?

10. Books are too short/too long
Holding a thin book read way better, but the book is over way too soon. But holding big books is like walking out of  a bookshop without buying a book – almost impossible. I mean: I once tried to read a book with all of Jane Austen’s works combined, and eventhough I loved the hardback edition I got, it was pretty hard to just hold the book and read it. Shouldn’t there be something in between?

11. You can’t marry a fictional character
Sorry, Peeta, Gale, Edward, Jacob, Four, Augustus, Harry, Percy, Ash, Puck, Jace, Simon and every other character we have learned to love over the years.

12. Book hangovers
What is life? What do I have to with my life? I can’t possibly ever read another book.

13. People who spoil books
This is more about people then it is about books. But this point is dedicated to my dear friend from uni: BOOKS AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE SPOILED. That’s the whole point. So, please, don’t. It’s a very very very serious crime.

14. THE END (added by Michelle)
Reaching the end of the book. Really wanna read the end, but also not because then it’s just… Over??!

What do you think about these irritations? Anything to add?


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