Backstage at DutchBookChick #1

Hi guys, I’ve been super busy this week. I had to hand in a paper, had to work three days, I read and reviewed “Gebroken”, started my Young Adult Books Central job (OH MY GOD, I’ll tell you more), worked out the details for the first Dutch YA bookweek event and studied for two upcoming exams this Monday and Wednesday. And if that wasn’t enough yet, I also am trying to get my body and health back in shape.

Just to give you a small peek into the lives of the people behind Dutch Book Chick, I decided to do some kind of “Behind the Scenes” thing. I called it “Backstage” because sometimes I feel like my life is one gigantic Broadway show – yet it isn’t. Anyways, here’s a Sunday recap.

1. Young Adult Books Central
It’s one of the biggest YA communities in the USA (around the world?) and I got a job! I am now officially part of their Review Staff meaning I get to read free books and review for them. I also can do loads of other exiting stuff which I will yet have to learn about. Staff member from the US get free books send home (paperbacks/hardcovers), I don’t. I’m from the Netherlands (boooo!). I am their e-ARC reviewer, meaning I can request e-ARC’s and read/review them. Which is, I think, totally amaaaazing. I ordered an e-reader which will be delivered tomorrow (yeey, another Backstage thingy). But yeah, I wanted to share this amazing news with you guys! I will write the reviews for YABC, but I can post them here too! Double awesomeness if you ask me.


2. Cool stuff
And to celebrate the above news, I bought some cool stuff. To organize¬†my reviews (e-ARC’s are only available for a short period of time once they approve your request), I bought a fancy year-calender (at the¬†Bijenkorf). It’s from Pip Studio and I love the amazing colors! I cannot wait to start organizing my e-ARCs!

IMG_9238 (1)


IMG_9239 (1)

But there’s more! To keep track of the things I’m doing and things I have to do for YABC, I bought this cute little set of notebooks, pens and sticky posts! It’s so pink and it makes me super happy. In these notebooks I will write down notable citations or happy thoughts about the book or anything related. I bought this at HEMA, for all of the Dutchies who might think: where am I going to get this?

IMG_9240 (1) IMG_9241 (1)
















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