2015 Wrap-Up: The Team's Favorites

Today is Thursday, the last day of 2015. Thursday the 31st. If I can be honest with you, this year went by SO fast. The website has grown so much over the last 365 days and I’m so thankful for that. Thanks to you, we have about a thousands visitors every month, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account are growing everyday, and our YouTube account is starting to blossom as we speak. Our team has grown from three to five bloggers, and since Michelle and Esther are leaving us, we are searching for two new bloggers to join us in 2016. But before we can start off fresh in 2016 with the DBC Apocalypse month (THE 5TH WAVE!!), we will say goodbye to Esther and Michelle, but also to 2015. These are our FAVs of 2015! Please share yours down below in the comment section! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

A lot of movies, but also Grey’s Anatomy. Our team’s Whatsapp group was spammed with feels about this show.
FAVS: My favorite show in 2015 had to be Daredevil. It exceeded my expectations, did the characters so well and Marvel reached a whole new level of awesome because of it. The acting is amazing and the story even more so. I’m looking forward to season 2!



avengers #1Frederique
Reviewed: Daredevil! HA! She also reviewed her first book this year and has been keeping us updated about series and movies too. She’s in her last year of High School so she’s very busy but she’s been with us every single day.
FAVS: My favorite of 2015 is the movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This movie really exceeded all of my expectations, which is good, because I’d been waiting so long for it! I loved the movie so much, I’ve seen it three time at the cinemas.



Reviewed: She mostly fangirled about every single news update while watching series in her bed. There were a lot of feelings for Esther this year. She won’t be with us next year, but she was happy to share her fav of 2015 with us. Esther was supposed to keep us updated on The Shadowhunters (and The 100) in 2016, but since she won’t be a part of the team, Nanouk will take over that job.
FAVS: My favourite tv series this year is without a doubt The 100. Great character arch’s, big plot twists and still believable. I simply can’t wait for the third season I’m literally counting the days!



Reviewed: Michelle reviewed books and movies this year for us, and she’s been doing very great. She was making fun with Esther 24/7 making the rest of the team feel left out with their inside jokes. She won’t be part of the team anymore in 2016, but we can say it’s been a ride with Michelle in 2015.

Reviewed: This is me! I reviewed almost every single book on the website, and I’ve been enjoying it in 2015 even more than I did in 2014. Hopefully 2016 will be even better. In 2015 I’ve been trying to upgrade the website, and to create a website with more content, but also with better content. I loved meeting up with the team and I’m said to see two of our teammembers go (with their own good reasons). Looking forward to 2016? YES. Thank you all for 2015, it’s been a ride. (“A roller coaster that goes up and down, my friend“).
FAVS: Oh lord, why are you letting me pick FAVS? How could I EVER pick FAVS? There have been so many FAVS this year. Oh-my-god. I’m literally giving myself a hard time. Can I pick two? Please? No? Shit. Damn. Okay, first of all, there were two books this year that have literally blown my mind (and heart): Every Last Word and My Heart and Other Black Holes. But I think the book that has left me gasping for breath has to be The 5th Wave (finished it days ago). And since we will be throwing a lot of “apocalypses” at you in 2016, I’m just gonna pick this book. Review coming before the movie hits theaters!


What were your FAVS of 2015?


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