13 reasons to watch “13 Reasons Why”

It’s impossible to have missed the hype of “13 Reasons Why”, a new Netflix Original series produced by singer and actress Selena Gomez. It tells the story of Hannah Baker who committed suicide, and Clay, who’s apparently on the one of the 13 tapes that Hannah recorded with 13 names who were the reason for her suicide. The series is based on the book “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, which published over ten years ago.


The Dutch Book Chick team loves the series, and we want to convince you to watch it as well. Here are our 13 reasons why you should watch “13 Reasons Why”!


  1. It sends an important message how we should always be nice because the smallest things can cause a hurricane (the butterfly effect).
  2. The series doesn’t hide away behind anything: it’s raw and very visual (so please be careful while watching it).
  3. It’s not too dramatic and it’s not toned down. This series is real and shows how all of these small things can affect a person to be so emotionally worn out to commit suicide.
  4. The series has GREAT actors. They don’t look like Hollywood superstars, but just like regular kids you might know from school.
  5. You will cry your eyes out. This series will impact you. I think we all, at one point, will experience bullying or feeling down, and you will maybe understand a tiny bit of Hannah’s pain. And yes it will break your heart, but it means the series is done well.
  6. Not to underestimate, but it has a great soundtrack! Which reminds me… I should look it up!
  7. It’s all on Netflix so you can binge watch it all the way through the end.
  8. The story is based on a book so if you’ve read the book, you will love seeing the story come to love (being done so well!). If you haven’t read the book, you should watch it as well and maybe read the book afterward? Anyways, we think the book and series really compliment each other.
  9. It will make you think about life, and rethink life, and makes you feel like you should just say something nice to the person who always looks a little out of line or different from the rest of the group. This series might even make you a better person.
  10. It’s nothing you’ve ever seen before. Yes, tv shows like Skins has the teen issues all covered, but Skins might come across as unrealistic over over dramatised as to where this series feels painfully real.
  11. It will give you a good reasons to buy chocolate or other comfort food. This series could’ve been called 13 reasons to buy comfort food but honestly that just sounds weird.
  12. Great plotline! I know it’s based on a book so we shouldn’t be congratulating the tv series on having a great plot line, but the author of the book. But, in this case, I believe the producers changed some stuff from the book and still made it great. So the plotline should be included here.
  13. IT. WILL. GIVE. YOU. FEELS. Think that that’s the best argument to end this blogpost with.


What do you think? Did these 13 reasons convince to to watch the series? And if you have already watched it: did it disappoint you? Or did you love it? Let us know down below!

Nanouk Meijer

Nanouk is the founder and owner of the website. She runs the website, takes care of the lay-out, give-aways, social media, book reviews and events. She is 25 years old and graduated from 'Comparative Literature' at Utrecht University. She is Digital Product Manager at HarperCollins Holland and staff reviewer at YA Books Central. She breaths books.

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  1. I was a bit skeptical about this series, because I thought it was just a hype… But you’ve convinced me to watch it, I think I am going to watch the first episode later this day!

    • Good to hear 🙂 Be warned tho: some of the last episodes are pretty graphic/triggering but you’ll get a warning if that’s the case. Anyways, the show is done very well!

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